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What is AIDIFY?

AIDIFY is a subscription-based learning experience platform, supported by machine learning, designed to personalize, automate and standardize the process of employee development in the pharma industry.

AIDIFY mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality training materials prepared by subject-matter experts to ensure company’s compliance with the ever-changing legal environment in the area of Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs.

AIDIFY vision

1. To enhance employee competences in order to improve safety of medicines and public health.
2. To provide a useful tool to accelerate Time-To-Expertise of employees and speed up their career development in the pharma industry.
3. To provide personalized and competence-based training framework by using machine learning and data about the user

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About aidify
Product features

Product features
Content recommendation engine supported by machine learning

We use machine learning and data about the user to provide personalized and competence-based training framework. Our homepage dashboard provides a variety of content recommendations based on your past viewing habits, as well as trending courses. The dashboard also has multiple categories and genres through which you can easily browse and find your desired content. The layout is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The home page features options to browse through specific categories.

Product features

We help your company with digitalization of learning to stay competitive and bring an excellent learning experience for your employees. Our video microlearning courses are created in a form of small, bite-sized videos that focus on specific topics. It is an effective way to provide short and engaging educational content that learners can easily consume and retain.

We have developed primary general test specific for various job positions and short tests completed after all video training. Next, this data is used by Artificial Intelligence to prepare a personalised list of trainings.

Regulatory intelligence

Regulatory intelligence refers to the process of monitoring and analyzing regulatory changes and trends that may impact your business. We do perform regulatory intelligence to stay informed about changes in regulations and guidelines, and ensure that our courses remain compliant with these requirements.

Find reference

AIDIFY will help you with easy searching of relevant regulations and guidelines and matching them to learning areas. All AIDIFY courses are supported by references which allow you to verify the accuracy and reliability of the information, access additional resources, acknowledge sources, enhance critical thinking skills and expand your knowledge beyond the course material.

Course certificates

You can use course certificates repository to confirm that as an organization, you support continuous improvement of relevant skills, the application of scientific progress and professional development. In addition they ensure that your staff members have appropriate qualifications, understanding of relevant GxP requirements, as well as adequate experience for the assigned tasks and responsibilities.

Organization and team profiles

Grant special permissions for different users, create groups, organization and team profiles, and assign specific roles to different users in order to deliver more precise learning.

Social learning

AIDIFY supports the process of learning among users through social interactions, such as collaboration, discussion, and sharing of knowledge or experience. Through collaboration and discussion, students can gain: better understanding of the course content, more diverse range of perspectives and ideas, communication skills and teamwork abilities, personalize their learning experience by connecting with others who have similar interests or goals, share their knowledge and experiences with others and build community what can lead to increased engagement, retention, and overall satisfaction with the course.

Organization and student learning dashboard

Our organization learning dashboard helps you measure and analyze the effectiveness of your learning and development programs. Understand how learning affects your business and identify potential skill gaps among the employees before it affects your business.

Individual development plan

Use individual development plan feature to identify employee strengths and weaknesses and align your employee development with business objectives.

Learning Management System for your internal trainings (AVAILABLE SOON)

In addition to courses prepared by AIDIFY, you can use our platform as a Learning Management System which allows you to manage, deliver, and track internal training and educational program of your organization.


We provide flexible on-the-go learning for your employees with the mobile learning app. Give your employees the ability to choose when and where to learn, and what device to use. Use push notifications to inform employees about new learning materials.

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Aidify courses
Pay once and get unlimited access to knowledge

Whether you are looking to train new employees, upskill your existing workforce, or develop a leadership pipeline within your organization, we have the programs and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Join us in our mission to revolutionize employee development in the pharma industry.

Our content

  • 100+ Courses

  • 100+ Competences

  • 90+ Course practice activities

  • 1000+ Test questions

  • 1500+ References

Our courses are designed to help you learn more effectively and efficiently by providing you with a range of tools and resources to help you succeed. Here are the main elements of an AIDIFY course and how they benefit you:

  • Video: Our courses are presented in short, microlearning videos that are designed to be engaging and easy to understand. With our video lectures, you'll be able to learn at your own pace, rewind and replay as needed, and review key concepts in a visual and interactive way.

  • Presentation: Our video lectures include a course presentation created by SMEs and video of the SMEs during their course presentations. This unique combination of audio and visual elements helps you engage with the material more thoroughly and retain information more effectively.

  • Course Practice Activities (CPAs): Our CPAs are designed to help you practice what you've learned and apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios. Whether it's a quiz, project, or exercise, our CPAs help you engage more thoroughly with the material and apply your new skills and knowledge.

  • Additional Learning Materials (ALMs) Our self-study learning materials provide you with access to additional resources that will help you expand your knowledge on a given topic. From relevant legislation to published articles, our ALMs are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that you have access to the most current and accurate information.

  • Test: At the end of the course, you'll be tested on the material you've learned to ensure that you've fulfilled all the learning outcomes assigned to the course.

  • Certificate: Upon completing all course units and obtaining the minimum number of correct answers during the course test, you'll receive a course certificate. This certificate demonstrates your mastery of the material and can be used to showcase your skills and knowledge.

Flexibility and scalability needed to meet the evolving needs of today's workforce

  1. Train your workforce like big pharma

    We know that a lot of companies struggle with limited resources and may not have the tools required for comprehensive training and development. AIDIFY can help fill this gap with our subscription-based learning platform, supported by machine learning. With AIDIFY you will get access to the best industry experts and training materials, all in one place. AIDIFY partners with industry experts with many years of experience in the pharma industry and a deep understanding of the changing dynamics of the industry. We provide tailored training programs, both affordable and effective, that unlock your employees' full potential to achieve business goals. Our platform is designed to meet all your needs.

  2. Stay ahead of the competition and drive business growth

    With AIDIFY, you'll have access to the latest knowledge and insights in the pharma industry, helping your business stay ahead of the competition. AIDIFY's customized training programs will address skill gaps within your workforce, empowering your employees to perform their roles to the best of their abilities. Moreover, by investing in employee development, you'll create a more skilled and motivated workforce, resulting in increased productivity and business growth.

  3. Increase ROI on training investment with AIDIFY's personalized programs. Pay once and get unlimited access to knowledge

    AIDIFY's subscription-based platform offers a cost-effective solution to employee development, with tailored training programs that provide a high return on investment. We provide a high-performance learning environment designed to easily adapt and scale. With AIDIFY you will pay once and get annual unlimited access to all PV, CT, RA courses.

  4. Streamline Your Training and Maximize Your Time

    Automate and standardize the employee development process to free up time for other business-critical tasks. AIDIFY's machine learning-powered platform streamlines the employee training process, saving your company time and resources while ensuring high-quality training to maximize your workforce's potential. Our personalized approach to training means that each program is tailored to the specific needs of your employee, ensuring maximum impact and results. We increase efficiency by identifying skill gaps before they affect your business, allowing you to focus on developing the skills of your employees that matter most.

What you can learn on the AIDIFY platform
Learning Areas

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We offer a variety of pricing plans customized to meet your organization's specific needs. Please review our full offer to explore the available options




per seat annually


  • CT, RA, PV courses

  • 100+ courses

  • 90+ practice activities

  • 500+ test questions

  • 500+ references

  • Course certificates

  • Individual Development Plan

  • Learning dashboards

  • Regulatory Intelligence



per seat annually



  • Free live webinars

  • Free Q&A Meetings

  • -10% for F2F training

  • Predictive analytics

  • Database wizard

  • LMS (Internal Course Management)

  • Priority support

  • Internal Talent Growth Marketplace



per seat annually

* minimum 20 seats


    PREMIUM plus

  • 30% discount

  • F2F trainings: 5 seats for free per year (the rest 20% discount)

  • 1 free course on request per year

  • Custumer succes manager

  • Dedicated trainings

  • SSO (coming soon)

Who support us?
Our partners

Polish Society of Pharmacovigilance

Cooperation in the certification process of AIDIFY PV courses

Polish Association for Good Clinical Practice

Cooperation in the certification process of AIDIFY CT courses

The Lesław A. Paga Foundation

Cooperation during a development and mentoring program called healthcare leadears

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